Company profile


SinoPac Leasing Corp. (SPL) was established in September 1997 by Bank SinoPac, and since 2009 has been a subsidiary of SinoPac Holdings.

SPL, a trustworthy and consummately professional provider of leasing services, affords needed flexibility to its customers. Backed by the deep resources of the SinoPac group, SPL offers a full range of effective financial solutions. For customers seeking to grow their businesses, SPL is an ideal partner with a diverse range of products. The firm engages in leasing and installment sales of equipment and materials, ship leasing and financing, leasing and installment sales of aircraft and aircraft engines, financing and installment sales for Taiwanese firms overseas, project financing, and real estate financing. In addition to providing direct services to end clients, SPL can also work together with equipment suppliers to arrange for third-party delivery.

In addition to continuing with efforts to improve internal processes and computerize company systems, SPL is also developing services targeted to specific industries, and coordinating with the international deployments of its corporate clients by strengthening regional operations. The support of SPL enables customers to maximize returns on their assets and operate sustainable businesses.

Portrait of a winning company
From the very start, SPL has always sought to maximize the interests of shareholders, employees, and corporate clients by achieving growth. At the same time, the firm has adopted two objectives as the main focal points of its approach to management-improving asset quality, and rigorously implementing the diversification and management of risk. Moving forward, in addition to building on existing ties with manufacturers and Taiwan-invested firms in mainland China, SPL will also be taking aggressive steps to develop new markets, make inroads into new industries, and provide new services. This focus on growth is balanced by an emphasis on the importance of internal management, including continued training of employees, integration of resources, creation of innovative new work processes, upgrading of systems, and management of risk. SPL is confident that it is on the right track to become one of the world's premier financial services firms.