Ship Leasing and Financing


The globalization of trade is driving rapid growth in international goods shipments, over 80% of which is transported by sea. This makes for explosive growth in ocean shipping.
Shipping is a capital-intensive business, so shipowners must do a thorough operating assessment of the long-term prospects for the shipping industry before acquiring a new or used ship, and the most important focal points of such assessments are capital planning and borrowing costs, which is where SPL has a role to play. With 10 years of experience in ship financing, we can help shipowners plan their financing so they can make flexible use of capital. In addition, shipowners, ship charterers, law firms, and ship insurers can all use our services as a platform for their business dealings.

Ship Leasing
SPL provides corporate customers with a stable, long-term supply of high-quality ships. Customers are spared the burden of big outlays for ship purchases, and save on management and depreciation costs.

Ship Financing

  1. Self-owned Ship Financing
  2. Financing of Ship Purchases and Ship Building
    (1) Financing of Ship Purchases
    (2) New Ship-build Financing (Payment by Ship-build Schedule)